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Trail Report – : Oconto County, Wisconsin – December 23, 2019

Reporter:Oconto County Tourism
Trail Conditions: Good
Snow Cover: 6-8
Date of Report: December 23, 2019
Area Report:

Red Arrow Snowmobile ATV Club (Townsend) – They were freshly groomed last night (12/22), so early riders should have a great ride. Groomers say that the base is getting soft with the warm temperatures. We will keep an eye on things and hope grooming is not interrupted by the warm temps. If the snow is to warm it no longer flows through the drag and plugs it up. So we can’t groom. Let’s hope for colder temps and some fresh snow to freshen things up. 

Paul Bunyan Riders Snowmobile Club (Lakewood) – There are a few trail sections that are temporary closed. The section from the grade to Maiden Lake is closed due to open water as well as the section by Phil’s Philling Station that goes through a swamp. This section is re routed on the road. Use caution.

Chute Pond Snowmobile Club (Mountain) – Chute Pond Snowmobile Club trails are open, in fair “early season” condition. Heavy traffic and the warm weather have beat up the trails this weekend. Groomers will be out doing what they can to smooth things out- but the best advice is to take it easy and slow down a little out there. Exceptions (see map): trails that will remain closed at this time are from INT#451-INT#453 (from east of Hwy 32 behind the Junction to Jack Pine Rd), and from INT#447 north to the 18 Corridor trail near Cooked Lake (the northern pipeline trail). DO NOT ride the closed trails- they have not been cleared from the July wind storms because the swamps are still wet and have not allowed equipment to get in to work on those areas yet. The closed areas are tangles of fallen trees in a swampy area- you don’t want to go there.

As for the rest of the trails, “early season conditions” means there will be some bumps, dips, and ruts to deal with as the groomers continue to work on the trails. Be aware that any off-trail riding- even to take one ski off to “grab a little loose snow”- could be dangerous. The July wind storms have devastated many areas of our forested trails, and there are many trees and limbs on the ground just off the edges of the groomed trails. Please stay safe- stay on the groomed trails.

Riders are urged to reduce speed and ride with extra caution, as the forest and the trails look very different since the storm. There are numerous logging operations that will be ongoing throughout the season. Please use extra caution in these areas. No Chute Pond trails cross any lakes or rivers- and ice has been slow to form on most area lakes. Riding on frozen surfaces is not recommended. You are encouraged to carry a portable hand saw if possible, since limbs and branches continue to fall onto and over the trails. But the good news is- there are many fun and interesting miles of trails- waiting for you to ride. See you on the trails!


Bagley & Brazeau Joyriders – Friday 12/20/2019 some of the trails will be groomed and open.  The trails that will not be groomed will need your help. Please help to pack them down with your snowmobiles.  There maybe some areas that have soft areas and our groomers have to wait until these area firm up.  There are some trails that will not be open at this time, until corn is removed.  The area is near Klondike south to intersection 421.  Also the trail from Suring to the first intersection 407 will be closed as well.  As for now the trail leading to Chute Pond is also closed.  This trail belongs to Chute Pond’s club.  I will include a map which will show the trails that are open. To see the trails that are open and that are closed click on Newsletters then the second Dec 2019 is Trails open news release.

Gillett Sno ATV Riders – We will be opening up the railroad grade from Shawano line north, but none of the spur off trails will be open at this time due to water and lack of snow in some places. The grade is in fair early season condition with a few icy spots that have frozen up on the sides of the trail by Town Hall Rd.


Chase, Lena and Oconto Falls are CLOSED.