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Allegan County, Michigan

Snowmobiling Information

 Allegan is located in the South West portion of Michigan. We usually get 70 inches of lake effect snowfall annually.

The Allegan county area offers miles of hilly, and curvy areas to test your skills. Plenty of wildlife and many connecting trails to other west Michigan areas. You can ride from Indiana clear up to Gun Lake, MI. Trails consist of old rail road beds and plenty of fields for “cleaning the carbon out”. Also the wooded areas are very beautiful and some areas follow the Kalamazoo river. These sites are amazing and the area is also ran by volunteers that have been doing this for years.

Snowmobile Allegan County, Michigan - Snowmobiling Info from Snow TracksThe trail is taken care of by the Allegan County Snowmobile Club. For info of upcoming events please contact us at . Good luck and be safe! Also stay on the trail or we’ll lose it. If it’s not marked then go back and find a marker. Private land is very scarce for us to ride on. Respect the trail and it will respect you.