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Trail Report: Sayner, Wisconsin – December 17, 2016

Trail Conditions: Early Season
Snow Cover: 2 to 3 inches on the trail
Date of Report: December 17, 2016
Area Report:

We have received about 12 inches of snow so far this season. By the time that gets panned down and sled traffic hit it – you end up with only about 25% (+/-) of that on the trail. In actuality – you don’t want too much on the trail anyway. A lot of snow on the trail equals deep moguls! We still try to keep what we can on the trails but fast moving snowmobiles blow a lot of it off to the sides.

It started to snow yesterday late morning or early afternoon. Since then we have had about  6 inches average and it is still coming down. That is good news for the trails and bad news for the lakes. The heavier layer of snow will slow the freezing process. Along with that – the weight of the snow will push the ice down and bring water up through cracks – leaving slush pockets. None of the lakes are marked or considered safe so please do not cross or go out onto the ice until the crossings have been marked.

We will be out grooming and panning what we have to work with. The snow we are getting right now will certainly help but it is pretty fluffy. Until we get more snow – especially some wetter stuff – there will be some pretty rough sections while some will be great. Be ready for anything right now.

We have logging going on throughout sections of our system. Even when the processors move out – trucks will still be hailing out. Watch for logging ahead signs, logging trucks, and logging equipment. PLEASE DO NOT hassle the loggers. If they get hassled – they have the right to shut that section of trail down. PLEASE BE PATIENT and stay out of their way. Watch for signals from the loggers and follow them. They might tell you to please wait or to go around.

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