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Trail Report – : Oconto County, Wisconsin – January 17, 2019

Reporter:Oconto County Tourism
Trail Conditions: Fair
Snow Cover: 3-7
Date of Report: January 17, 2019
Area Report:

Red Arrow Snowmobile Trails (Townsend) – It’s 16 degrees in beautiful downtown Townsend this evening. Sorry for the late report, but even I went for a ride today! Put on 106.7 miles and this is what we found. The trails east of Hwy 32 are in GOOD TO VERY GOOD CONDITION. The Nicolet State Trail ( The Grade ) is very icy in spots so be careful! I would say that it is in GOOD TO VERY CONDITION. The trails west of town toward Hwy 64& T are in GOOD TO VERY GOOD CONDITION on the level trails. In the hills it is still FAIR TO POOR. We still need more snow there for covering the rocks. The trails are starting to show wear with no new snow in the forecast, as long as there is material to work with, we will continue to groom. 

Paul Bunyan (Lakewood) – Groomers are back after grooming the trails Sunday night. Trail Boss Bob Prasser rates them as good to very good. We have a good base and hopefully the next 2 days don’t get to warm. Starting Wednesday the temperatures are going to go below freezing so grooming will resume. The guys did a great job keeping the trails in great shape with the huge amount of traffic we had. Ride safe 

Chute Pond Snowmobile Trails (Mountain) – Chute Pond trails are open. Trails are panned and in early season condition, meaning to watch for dips and ruts that will need more snow to fill in. There may also be some icy areas. Riding is not advised on the NST south of Hwy 32 to Suring and also the route through Suring to Golf Course Rd due to low snow cover. The pipeline trail may not be groomed until the low spots freeze up more- use extra caution if you ride in that area. Watch for groomers on the trail anytime of day or night, and always yield the right of way to them. Enjoy your ride! 

Bagley and Brazeau Joyriders Snowmobile Trails –  Sections of the BB Joyriders trails are open. Trails south of Hwy Z are closed and east of Parkway Rd, up to Hwy 64 are closed. Intersections 408, 425 are closed to the south. This means Kelly Lake and Lee Lake areas are closed.  Trails are closed to Suring and Klondike. There is no snow on any of the lakes including White Potato Lake.  They are all bare ice. 

Trails that are open surround White Potato Lake and to the north.  All these trails have not been groomed and have many icy areas.  Early season riding conditions are poor at this time.  Remember, there is no snow on any of the lakes.  The snow is very hard on the top surface of the trails, if the weather changes, they may improve.