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Trail Report: Oconto County, Wisconsin – December 29, 2016

Trail Conditions: Early Season
Snow Cover: 2-3
Date of Report: December 29, 2016
Area Report:

Townsend – Red Arrow Snowmobile – ATV Club – It got cold night before last and froze the slushy trails very hard rutty and dangerous. We decided to take the groomer out and see if we could cut it down and minimize the dangers. We were pleasantly surprised to see that the trails groomed out very well! The ruts seemed to have filled in for the most part nicely.

The east side of 32 was groomed late yesterday and I would rate as FAIR to GOOD. The Nicolet State trail suffered the most damage from the storm, but is still in FAIR condition, with some gravel having worked it’s way into the mix. The west side or 32 was groomed overnight while we slept, and held up pretty well, having the cover of shade. After grooming down the slushy ice ruts, I would have to say I rate these trails as FAIR to GOOD as well. BEWARE of icy corners and any rocks that might have shown themselves after the warm spell. Remember these are still early season riding conditions!

Lakewood – Paul Bunyan Snowmobile Club – The sloppy snow then rain that fell yesterday made the trails a mess. We asked that everyone stay off the trails and most did. The sleds that are riding are doing a lot of damage. The next snow that we can work with is forecasted for next Saturday. With the temps in the upper thirties and bright sun we are loosing our base fast. We will keep you posted later in the week

Bagley and Brazeau – Joyriders Trails – The trails are open but the rain and 45 degree temps hurt the trails. There is water in low areas that needs to freeze up again. No groomers will go out until we receive 3 or more inches of new snow. Remain off the lakes due to unsafe conditions.

Gillett Sno ATV Riders – No update since last report.

Chute Pond Snowmobile Club – Chute Pond trails are open and in poor “early season” condition, with many icy areas, some exposed rocks, some thin or bare areas. There are some wet low spots that have not frozen up yet- or that have frozen up and have not been groomed smooth yet.

We have stopped grooming until we get more snow. Trails where the groomers went before the freeze-up, there is little to no loose snow and trails are icy and hard. Where the groomers did not go before the freeze-up, trails may be rutted, with icy patches in the low spots. Many areas have fallen trees or branches- we are working to clear these off the trails. Riding is not recommended until we get more snow.

Areas we recommend you avoid or use extreme caution in until they freeze up completely and can be groomed properly: pipeline trail, trail from Junction to pipeline, 18 Corridor from Neligan Rd to Crooked Lake. These areas have substantial wet & muddy areas which may or may not have frozen yet- either way they could possibly cause issues for you and your sled.

Chute Pond is mostly frozen on top of the ice, and is very slippery. Use extra caution if you ride on any lake this early in the season.

If you choose to ride, please use extra caution. The icy trails now will be a great trail base for the rest of the season- but it’s not very nice out there right now.
Oconto Falls – Sno Jokers Trails – Oconto falls trails will be closing 12/27 at 7 am. The rain and warm weather over the weekend deteriorated what snow we did have. Please stay off the trails

Lena Snow Drifters – Trails are CLOSED.

Chase Sno-Chasers – Trails are closed, need more snow. 12/27/16