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Trail Report – : Neillsville, Wisconsin – January 23, 2018

Reporter:Neillsville Granton Trailbusters
Trail Conditions: Closed
Snow Cover: 3-8"
Date of Report: January 23, 2018
Area Report:

All Clark County Snowmobile Trails currently remain CLOSED.  Clubs are busy grooming trails, but there is such a range of snowcover that was received from the last storm it is undecided when they will open throughout the county.   Please be advised that riding on closed trails is trespassing and fines apply.

Snowmobile Information:

Our club has been active for 30 years now.  We started out as a small club in 1988 named The Neillsville Rec Riders, designing ATV routes that accessed the Clark County Forest Trail System, via roads.  We then created our first cross county ungroomed snowmobile and winter ATV trail system from Neillsville to Granton.  In 1993 we purchased a used Bombardier groomer to start grooming our trail for snowmobiling.  In 1996 we expanded our snowmobile and winter ATV trail system from Neillsville to the Clark County Forest Trail near Hatfield. 

    In 1997 we added a tractor and new drag to our grooming fleet to keep up with the grooming schedule.  In 1999 we further expanded our growing trail system with a snowmobile trail running from Granton to Sherwood.  In 2001 we made a big achievment in trail devolpment by creating a snowmobile trail from Neillsville to Loyal, giving us a total of 56 miles in groomed snowmobile trails across private lands.   In 2002 we had to add a second tractor and drag to keep up with the high grooming demand.  After receiving heavy, drifting snows during the ’06-’08 seasons while continuing to get stuck with our tractors, we felt the need to add a newer tracked groomer to our fleet.

  We purchased a Piston Bully trailer groomer to keep up with the demanding trail grooming where our tractors fell short, in deep snow and eliminated 1 tractor and drag!  We groom our trails 20′ wide where ever possible and they are the best marked in the county, you won’t get lost on our trail system!   In 2010, we had to cease the operation of winter ATV use on all of our snowmobile trails, due to increasing abuse from disrespectful ATV’ers creating problems on private lands. Moving forward in 2011 we strive to keep up with the best snowmobile trails in the county and that is out main focus moving on.  Upgrading in 2017 we purchased a 2007 Pinoth BR180 tracked groomer to supplement and someday replace out Piston Bulley.

  The Clark County Forest ATV and Snowmobile Trails are maintained by the Parks and Forest Department as well as the 9 other clubs that maintain the rest of the trails in Clark County.  Our club would not be where it is today without the help and permission of the 89 landowners who allow us to cross their lands.  With out them we would have no trails.  All of our members that help out, donate their time and it is much appricated when we get compliments on how well of a job we have done.