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Trail Report – : Lac du Flambeau, Wisconsin – September 20, 2023

Trail Conditions: Closed
Snow Cover: The drums are rumbling
Date of Report: September 20, 2023

Snowmobile Information:

It’s 57 degrees and foggy this morning. I washed and waxed my sled trailer yesterday. Acorns have been dropping like crazy the last two weeks. Northern Hornshoe Club has been brushing the overgrown trail along highway 70 from highway D to Arnold Stock on the north side of 70, then we will also be opening highway 70 from D to just west of the Dam Bar. My other new club, Minoqua Forest Riders, stopped grooming it due to logistics. Northern Hornshoes purchased a Kubota and drag to work this area, since a lot of locals asked for the trail to open. See the new machine at We have a fundraiser going to pay for Hornshoe II, please consider donating, or buying a raffle ticket. We will have a booth, and the new machine, at Beef-O-Rama. We are also doing a MEAT raffle this fall! (With lots of BACON!!!) We could  use volunteers to help. Contrary to popular belief from non-club member snowmobilers, we don’t get funding for a lot of what we do. We do fundraisers, and volunteer a pile of hours. President Keith does an amazing job as Radar O’Reily. He works with the state, the county, our tribe, the forest service, chamber of commerce, tourism, MEAT vendors, Santa, and the Easter Bunny, to make a lot happen. As a club member, you also receive the AWSC(Association of Wisconsin Snowmobile Clubs) magazine. A LOT of stuff goes on in the state to keep this sport alive and kicking. It’s a good read. Wow, all this meat talk, I need to make breakfast. Hah! Get those boats put away – my wife just texted ” Big snow event in 90 days.” Whooo Hoooo! Mark